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This link is for Model/Ambassador Candidates who would like to understand more about marketing fine art to Council Clients

Commissioning A Fine Arts Masterpiece
Modeling2000 Emerging fine art sculptors and painters, with the studio support of the Council, are able to emulate classical masterpieces at a small fraction of the cost of an existing masterpiece. This provides remarkable savings to the client and great opportunity for the emerging artist to be seen, shown and exhibited.

This is a dynamic environment, as the emerging artist of today can become the master of tomorrow. Artists, who received $25,000 for commissions five years ago, can now earn $200,000 or more for their work, due to the notoriety and exposure gained over that period. Since this sharply increases the value of their earlier work done on commission, the purchaser of that work is also very happy. This is why the Council of Fine Arts is able to offer an absolutely no-risk guarantee to its clients: "We will repurchase any commissioned piece for 100% of the purchase price three years after payment in full for that commissioned piece.

These dynamics are also why the Council is constantly seeking new emerging artists and new emerging models to pose for these works.

A World Meeting Place for: Artists and Models, Collectors and Dealers
Patrons of and participants in the Council of Fine Arts have devoted their lives to the commissioning, collection, exhibition, sale and auction of fine art. The Council represents only the most promising emerging artists and employs absolutely world class figure models. Our Fine Arts Team (Consultant, artist and Model/Ambassador) works directly with him to develop a concept and select an artist and model that, together, can best execute it within his budget. We deliver a breathtaking piece of priceless fine art at a fraction of the cost of an existing piece.

The Marketing Process
First, our Senior Consultant pays a visit to the Client's home or office with books of photographs of existing fine art pieces created by modern and classical artists. Together, with computer aided design, the Client selects the piece of priceless fine art that he would like to own. From other books, he selects an artist that he will commission to render it and a figure model that will demonstrate it and possibly pose for it. There are works and artists at all budget levels and the Client will always be in command of the project, costs and the timing to completion.

Before he knows it, his fine arts consultant will be visiting him with the artist he selected along with you, his International Council of Fine Arts Model/Ambassador. Together as a team, on his premises, he will design and make final plans for his commissioned piece of fine art. The Model/Ambassador will pose on the spot where the piece will rest. The artist will then take photographs, make sketches, design drawings and begin preparation of the prototype models.

The Client decides whether he wishes to use his International Council Model/Ambassador to model for the final commissioned piece. He may visit the studio where his work is being created at any time and his artist and Modeling/Ambassador will always be available for progress consultation. He knows that he is going to receive an art treasure for less than 25% of the cost of an existing masterpiece but that's not all. This is what sets the International Council of Fine Arts apart from the rest of the Art World. He will have a written guarantee of repurchase by the International Council of his masterpiece at 100% of his purchase price at any time beginning three years after he has paid for his piece in full.

The following are graphics used in Client literature:

con2.gif (27500 bytes)
We come to you with computer aided design

Our consultants will present fine art masterpieces and examples from our emerging artists.

con3.gif (30755 bytes)
Select your artist and your own Model/Ambassador will demonstrate a myriad of possibilities.
con4.gif (35938 bytes)
Track the work in progress with your artist and Model/Ambassador....Participate.
con6.gif (32320 bytes)
The day has arrived to erect this breathtaking piece of fine art on your premises.

The reward, your own personally designed masterpiece... an eternal monument.

International Council, Inc.