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Provided to assist you in determining your qualifications and completing the descriptive parts of your Application.

Although all heights and body types are acceptable, the ideal candidates will be 5'7" or less. Taller candidates will be fully considered. Very short candidates are in high demand provided they have excellent figures. All races, hair and eye colors are acceptable.  Please do not be hard on yourself; no one is perfect.  Please also understand, however, that The Council specializes in young women with superb figures.  The following is offered to provide you guidance

Modeling2000 An excellent figure is:

  • Youthful, slim, firm but rounded
  • Defined shoulders, wider than hips
  • Arms and calves trim and firm
  • Bust and hips of similar size in (inches)
  • Bust fully defined and shapely. Prefer natural without implant/reduction.  There is a huge demand for large, natural breasts.
  • Waist considerably smaller than bust and hips (preferably 10" smaller)
  • Tummy firm, preferably flat
  • Hips and buttocks trim though rounded (without excess fat)
  • Thighs firm (without excess fat)
  • Pelvic area youthful, soft, smooth, rounded
  • All skin smooth, soft and even colored (tan lines OK)
  • Without fat, stretch marks, sagging, cellulite, bulges, large scars or burns, pock marks, large tattoos or offensive piercings.

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